Sculpting a 3D Figure

I found this free sculpting program to help me out with modeling my own figure!

Sculpturis is a free download for both mac and pc. It’s from the makers of Zbrush but is targeted for a beginners level of modeling.


You can start with a shape and than sculpt from there as if you were using clay. You can begin with a sphere or plane whatever your preference is. If it helps you to sketch out your idea before you start than go ahead. I went free form and didn’t really have much in mind and just messed around to learn how the program worked. I started thinking of Hello Kitty at first but didn’t want to be cliché so it started to become this pudgy little cat, I like to call him Pudgy. Pudgy grew on me and he started taking form. I find it interesting when sculptures start to become their own thing and you give life to them!

Here is the evolution of Pudgy:

pudgy_start3 pudgy_back pudgy_frontpudgy_start2


Stay tuned for the printing process of Pudgy!


I choose you Pikachu!

I am back with more 3D printing!

This time I wanted to print a figurine to see if the printer could handle it. I chose to print Pikachu because he is of course the best choice! Here is the link of the model I used on Thingiverse:

Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK

I used Hatchbox Glow in the Dark PLA filament because I didn’t have any yellow on hand, which is probably a better choice because Pikachu is an electric type!

Here is some progress shots and the finished piece.




I am super pleased with how this turned out, I don’t see anything really wrong with this print. It took a little over an hour and a half for this to print (which isn’t too bad).

Next up is to attempt to make my own model and print it out!

Happy Earth Day!

It’s that time of the year where you reconsider your habits and think of how you can help our planet! Today I went for a walk to the coffee shop and store and reduced my carbon footprint. What did you do today or this week to help out?

You can also reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink what you are buying, consuming and throwing away. I like the new saying that you should also rethink what you are gifting other people. Will they actually use the item or will it just become another object in a landfill?


3D Printing Demo

For this demo I am going to be using a simple text customizer I found on This website is a great creative commons resource for 3D printing. You can find just about anything you would want to print here and even upload your own files to share.

Thingiverse Text Customizer by Mathgrrl

This is the first time I have tried printing text so I decided to use this text creator by Mathgrrl to make it easier on myself.


Here you can see how I set up the text to print, as you can see I added the “Web Base connecting letters” options so that the print will be connected at the bottom by a base. You can also choose “Separate Letters” to make it print individual letters. For now I am going to stick with the Extrude setting at 5 for the height of the letters and see how it turns out.


Now that I have my file ready I will prep my printer for the print. First we need to put blue painters tape on the printer bed to ensure the print comes off easily when done. I find that the large blue painters tape (ScotchBlue 1.5”) lined up close together and a putty knife to smooth it down to the bed works best.


I am using the program Repetier to connect with the printer and tell it what I want it to do. Before we put the filament into the printer we need to get the extruder hot enough to melt the PLA.

Once it gets to around 200°celsius= 392 Fahrenheit, I know that it is hot enough to put the PLA thru the nozzle.


Here is a good image to give you an idea of how the printer is going to print my design out. As you can see the white lines thru the text is to show you the path that the printer will make to create the design. The Blue represents what it will actually print on each layer.

Here is a video I have uploaded so you can see how the print actually went.

As you can see the base didn’t seem to print off on this one. I think what happened is when I ran the original file from Thingiverse thru my program Repetier, which uses a thing called Slic3r to finalize the print, it tried to fix the model by taking the base off. After the print has finished you can use your putty knife again or remove the tape to get your model off safely. Overall I was pretty happy with this first print and was excited to do more!



Here is another print I did afterwards that had the base attached. (Also makes for a great birthday card!)IMG_4899

3D Printing Basics

I figured I should do a post on 3D printing. I know some people still don’t understand how 3D printing works, and there are a lot of different options out there right now, so let’s start with the basics!

The 3D printer that I am using is the Printrbot simple metal. The Simple metal kit comes un-assembled and it’s price tag is at $539. If you are not that into electronics you can get an already assembled Printrbot Simple for $599.


The Printrbot Simple is an extrusion 3D printer which means it extrudes a material called a thermoplastic (a plastic material usually a polymer, that becomes pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and solidifies upon cooling.) Basically think of it as a really hot glue gun that will melt the thermoplastic as it goes through the nozzle. Right now my Printrbot does not include the heated bed (which is used for ABS material), so I will only be printing with PLA for my demonstration.


PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic which is made from renewable resources such as corn starch, the chips or starch of tapioca root, or sugarcane. I wouldn’t suggest eating it though, but it does make me less nervous if the cat somehow gets a hold of it!

ABS is another thermoplastic however it’s not made from biodegradable materials and has a higher melting point (therefore you need the use of the heated bed). There are also some concerns with using ABS in production because of the fumes.

I prefer using the PLA over the ABS because it is known to be less harmful. Now that you have learned more about the printer and printing materials I will show a demo print in my next post!

Wishing for Rain!

IMG_4837 copy

If you have been watching the news lately you are probably already aware that California has been suffering from a long time drought.

My friend suggested I make a Teru teru bozu to help with our rain problem lately. I had no idea what that is so I set out on a web search. Teru Teru bozu is what we would call a halloween diy ghost, except a much cuter Japanese version that is suppose to have magical powers which will bring good weather when hung right side up, and rain when it is hung upside down.

It is super easy to make a Teru teru bozu! Just take a ball or ball shaped object (I used a craft ornament from Michael’s so it was easier to hang) wrap tissue paper (typically white but can be any color or pattern!) or a cloth around it, tie one end of the base with a string to make the ghost shape, draw a cute smiley face and you have yourself your very own Teru Teru Bozu!

I have already hung mine upside down in hopes that it will bring us some much needed rain!