Happy October- Halloween theme!

October is my favorite month, being that it’s my birthday, Halloween, and fall all in one! I decided to break out the 3D printer again to make Halloween decorations instead of buying decorations at the store. I followed this tutorial by mathgrrl because it was super easy, the only problem I ran into is not knowing how to use tinkercad.com.

The tutorial tells you to pick a clip art image which you will convert into an .svg  This will allow you to import into tinkercad which will generate a flat 3D object. Pretty simple if the image you are working with is not complex and has a good solid shape. I went with another black cat clip art than the tutorial since I liked the design better.



I went with my new roll of Alchement brand filament in silver I just recently purchased. Figured it was a good way to start out the Halloween theme. Had some problems with the printer nozzle getting clogged and making a mess of the prints. Still turned out pretty good despite the blobbing.



IMG_5713 IMG_5715

Also decided to do some bats and a Halloween sign. I actually split up this design into just the bats and then printed the sign separately since I figured it was a bit too much for one print.



Here is the finished product! Pretty happy with it even though it didn’t turn out perfect with the nozzle clogging. Think I will make it into a sign for the door. IMG_5724

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