Sneak peek of ongoing and finished projects

I hope everyone had a lovely new year! It’s been hard keeping up with this blog, it was originally to help me stay motivated with 3D printing projects. However, I quickly realized it takes a lot of time to type and edit out these blog posts. I have been trying to launch an Etsy page, so I have been designing new models and prints to go with that. Here is a sneak peek of what I have been printing and designing in the past months!



Success comes from failure

I don’t think I have posted many of the failures I have had at 3D printing. Here is an example of something I was working on this week. I was trying to make this pre-made phone case here.


This is what my printer decided to print out.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

3D printing is not always easy, in most cases you need to change something on your model or adjust the printer settings. In this case I think I had something set wrong when I sliced the model, and told the printer the wrong nozzle settings.

It did not discourage me from printing though and I ended up making this useful print I have been wanting to make from thingiverse instead. I will definitely come back to trying to print a phone case again in the future!


The Scary Stories of Rhinestones- Halloween Continued

IMG_5755After finishing my Halloween prints I realized that I needed some type of backing in order to make it into a useable door sign. I made a trip to the craft store and bought a chalkboard sign, but found out pretty quickly that the sign was too large and that it would look pretty empty with just the 3D prints on it…so I decided to deck it out with nothing but the best…rhinestones!

After going a bit crazy adorning the sign with rhinestones, I realized that the perfect combination of rhinestones made a shape like a treat (yes I was a bit proud of myself and proclaimed that I had just mastered the art of rhinestones!) Did you know that rhinestones were once rock crystals gathered from the river rhine? Now you can liberally apply them to just about any project in hopes of it becoming something grand!

Once I felt that I had liberally applied enough of the rhinestones I added the final touch of some chalkboard pen art. At first I thought I had ruined it with the rhinestone overkill and cliché chalkboard art. I had to step back from my monstrosity and give into defeat.

After awhile I realized it had grown on me, and with the compliments of my hubby I felt it wasn’t such an eyesore in the end! I just hope the trick or treaters aren’t scared away by it…


Happy October- Halloween theme!

October is my favorite month, being that it’s my birthday, Halloween, and fall all in one! I decided to break out the 3D printer again to make Halloween decorations instead of buying decorations at the store. I followed this tutorial by mathgrrl because it was super easy, the only problem I ran into is not knowing how to use

The tutorial tells you to pick a clip art image which you will convert into an .svg  This will allow you to import into tinkercad which will generate a flat 3D object. Pretty simple if the image you are working with is not complex and has a good solid shape. I went with another black cat clip art than the tutorial since I liked the design better.



I went with my new roll of Alchement brand filament in silver I just recently purchased. Figured it was a good way to start out the Halloween theme. Had some problems with the printer nozzle getting clogged and making a mess of the prints. Still turned out pretty good despite the blobbing.



IMG_5713 IMG_5715

Also decided to do some bats and a Halloween sign. I actually split up this design into just the bats and then printed the sign separately since I figured it was a bit too much for one print.



Here is the finished product! Pretty happy with it even though it didn’t turn out perfect with the nozzle clogging. Think I will make it into a sign for the door. IMG_5724

Summer Vacation

Have been having a great and busy summer, and never got around to updating this blog!

Favorite picture of Puerto Rico that I took on our recent Caribbean Cruise.

So much inspiration from traveling! I hope to start on my next project soon which will be 3D printed earrings (metal from Shapeways). First I need to learn how to use the software Blender better, so I will be posting a tutorial and some tips.

Happy Summer! -EB

Printing a 3D figure

Before I can print my model I will need to prep the file. Because Sculpturis doesn’t use the file format I need (.stl) I will need another program to convert the file format. I found this helpful tutorial on how to do that.

I downloaded and installed Meshlab and opened the .obj file of my model. I than exported the model into a .stl file.

Some 3D models will require supports. I know that pudgy cat’s tail has no supporting material on the bottom to keep his tail up well it prints the layers.  If I want only his tail supported I would have to go back into my 3D file and add them myself. I chose to use the premade supports in Repetiers Slic3r to see how it would turn out.

IMG_5013 IMG_5019

Here is a halfway view and a finished view of how it was printed with supports.

IMG_5023 IMG_5025

This was all the support material that printed, I feel like it was a bit much since he is a pretty solid figure. I mostly took it off by hand and some force with a file. You can see in the picture on the right that the bottom support was a bit rough coming off. I will go over this with a file and sand paper later.

IMG_5027 IMG_5028

Heres a good side view and the details that printed on the back. It didn’t actually print out the whiskers but the rest of the detail seemed to turn out nice. I will have to go back on my model and define details better next time.

IMG_5034Heres a shot of pudgy chilling with his new friend on my desk. I plan on painting him next to see how painting on PLA works out.

Sculpting a 3D Figure

I found this free sculpting program to help me out with modeling my own figure!

Sculpturis is a free download for both mac and pc. It’s from the makers of Zbrush but is targeted for a beginners level of modeling.


You can start with a shape and than sculpt from there as if you were using clay. You can begin with a sphere or plane whatever your preference is. If it helps you to sketch out your idea before you start than go ahead. I went free form and didn’t really have much in mind and just messed around to learn how the program worked. I started thinking of Hello Kitty at first but didn’t want to be cliché so it started to become this pudgy little cat, I like to call him Pudgy. Pudgy grew on me and he started taking form. I find it interesting when sculptures start to become their own thing and you give life to them!

Here is the evolution of Pudgy:

pudgy_start3 pudgy_back pudgy_frontpudgy_start2


Stay tuned for the printing process of Pudgy!


I choose you Pikachu!

I am back with more 3D printing!

This time I wanted to print a figurine to see if the printer could handle it. I chose to print Pikachu because he is of course the best choice! Here is the link of the model I used on Thingiverse:

Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK

I used Hatchbox Glow in the Dark PLA filament because I didn’t have any yellow on hand, which is probably a better choice because Pikachu is an electric type!

Here is some progress shots and the finished piece.




I am super pleased with how this turned out, I don’t see anything really wrong with this print. It took a little over an hour and a half for this to print (which isn’t too bad).

Next up is to attempt to make my own model and print it out!

Happy Earth Day!

It’s that time of the year where you reconsider your habits and think of how you can help our planet! Today I went for a walk to the coffee shop and store and reduced my carbon footprint. What did you do today or this week to help out?

You can also reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink what you are buying, consuming and throwing away. I like the new saying that you should also rethink what you are gifting other people. Will they actually use the item or will it just become another object in a landfill?